Our solution...

cloudlay offers you an easy and secure way to move your data into the cloud era. It has never been this easy to access your data from everywhere at anytime.

The old common ways to use your webspace as a place to drop files, accessing it with a FTP client or just the daily anger to quickly find a reliable and secure place to drop a file or picture to share it with your friends belongs to the past from now on.

With a cloud instance from cloudlay you can upload your files fast and easy whether those are documents, pictures, music or anything else. Achieve this from your browser, your smartphone while you are on the way or simply use the Nextcloud desktop client to steadily sync your PC with your cloud.

If you want to share a beautiful sunset picture or your latest birthday party pictures you don't have to upload them to social networks, advertising-funded websites or unsecure foreign services - use your cloud and share them with your friends on your conditions! Even collaboration is achieved pretty quickly and comfortable, just create a new user account in your cloud, share a folder or file and start editing it together.

Our cloud solution is based up on the open source software from "nextcloud.com" and we deliver it as "Software as a Service" to you. The development of this software is rapid and there is a strong community behind the software. There are already some additional plug-ins which you can implement into your cloud to expand its capabilities.

As you can see there are a lot of adventages with no downsides on the aspects of security, privacy or possibilites. Start using the cloud and head over to our products page and choose the right cloudspace package that fullfills your needs.